‘In St Bede’s we welcome everyone, grow and learn together as God’s family, and use our gifts to serve with love.’

WELCOME – Welcome everyone into our school family through our kind words and caring actions.

We will look and listen when other people are speaking.
We will use good manners.

LOVE – Let the love of God shine in everything we do.

We will use our hands and feet to help others.

We will speak to others with love.

INSPIRE – Inspire each other to achieve our very best.

We will always try our best.
We will celebrate the achievements of others.

RESPECT – Respect each unique member of our family.

We will respect other people’s thoughts and feelings.
We will do as we are asked the first time.

PATIENCE – Show patience and tolerance towards each other.

We will use a quiet, gentle voice in class and around school.
We will put the needs of others first.

COMMUNITY – Work together to serve our community with love.

We will look after our school and everything in it.
We will share our talents and gifts with others.