The Year of St. Joseph | Parafia św. Władysława w Chicago

On St Joseph’s Feast Day, we had a day of celebration and reflection.

The children created some beautiful artwork, poetry and prayers.

Year 6 Prayer Reflections


The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

Year 1 listened to the story and thought about Jesus being the Light of the World.

The children designed some candles for Jesus.


Year 5 Worship and Reflection 1.12.20 – please click the link to download the PDF

Year 6 Worship and Reflection Feast of Christ the King-please click the link to download the pdf.


Year 6 Virtual Whole School Worship – Stretch forth your hand – 

a message from Pope Francis

World Day of the Poor

Click the link above to see the whole worship


Year 4 worship – please click the link to download the worship.





In RE, Year 4 have been writing letters of appreciation for people in our Parish community. Below are some examples of our wonderful writing:

Dear Father Derek,
I want to tell you how much St. Bede’s school appreciates you and our church community. It is the best we could ask for. Thank you for our worships. Thank you for being our funniest and kindest priest. Thank you for reading us the Holy Bible. Thank you for inspiration. Thank you for guiding us through this tough time. You have always been there for us and we will try our hardest to be there for you. Your full church community is where our hearts stand, with you.
Dear Eucharistic Minister
Your role is extremely important because some people would never be able to go to Church but you bring it to them. Thank you for making it fair for everyone and still going to everyone even though you’re putting yourself at risk. Thank you for helping us through hard times and respecting everyone. Thank you for making sure that everyone can receive the gift of the blood and body of Christ.