Geography for Kids | What is Geography? | Geography Facts for Kids


Geography is about curiosity, exploration, and discovery. It gives children the power to see places in new ways, even imaginary ones. Geography also helps children to understand and make sense of the world.

Intent of Geography in St Bede’s –

In St Bede’s we want to develop pupils who are developing their skills of curiosity, exploration, and discovery. Our curriculum will allow our children to see places in new ways, even imaginary ones. Geography will also help to develop children who understand and make sense of our world. Geography in St Bede’s will make explicit links between sustainability, eco-schools, and global citizenship. It will help our children develop their experience of our local area and the wider world.

To be successful geographers children should:

  • Be engaged and enjoy geography
  • think of their own questions
  • search for their own answers
  • talk, watch, and listen to people, animals, plants, and places
  • think about who they are and the effects of their actions on the rest of the world.
  • Be able to use maps effectively to locate and identify themselves and locations further away.
  • Be able to physically read and follow maps to travel from one place to another eg. Orienteering.

Geographers use many different ‘-ings’ to research, share, and act on discoveries, including: observing, reading, drawing, rubbing, digging, mapping, climbing, conversing, comparing, photographing, testing, seeking, peeking, writing, thinking, collecting, graphing, remembering, sorting and searching.