Religious Education

As a Catholic School, religion is not just another subject in the curriculum but is a way of life. It permeates all our relationships, activities and every aspect of school life.

Our present scheme of work is ‘Come and See’ a scheme recommended by the Bishops’ Conference. It is rooted in three aspects: teaching, worship and moral values. We will use the liturgical year as a framework in which these elements will be taught, experienced, explored and celebrated.

Religious Education also happens through regular prayers, assemblies and Masses. The whole school meets regularly for assemblies or collective prayers. Canon Derek Turnham and Monsignor Ricardo Morgan celebrates Mass in school regularly throughout the year. The school celebrates Mass in the Parish Church and the children are taught hymns and liturgical music which enhances all our worship. Following a timetable, during the term, Key Stage One and Two classes attend the parish masses. The children are also encouraged to attend Sunday Mass through monthly family Masses where classes are able to share their religious learning with the parishioners.

Underlying our teaching and our relationships are the Gospel Values of honesty and humility, justice and mercy. Our aim, within this context, is that all members of our community show respect and care for one another and extend their concern to the needy by prayer and charitable service.

Parents have a right to withdraw their child from all parts of the religious education and/or collective worship. However, given the importance of RE and Collective Worship in our school, parents and prospective parents need to be aware that it can never be confined to “timetabled slots” but may take place throughout the day in a variety of contexts other than those which are specifically structured.