Transition from EYFS to KS1


Looking Ahead
Successful transition takes careful thought and thorough planning well in advance.

With input from the EYFS team, the staff produce a transition timetable each year.
This will usually happen in the summer term and will contain the different activities and time slots that will be dedicated to the transition of the children from Reception to Year 1. This will include a ‘moving up day’ where the time is dedicated to children going up to their new room for short periods.

There will also be a timetable set up for teachers to visit their new class for story time and
times when the children visit their new class. SEND children have regular visits to Y1 classes at different times, e.g. break, story time, music, with familiar adult accompanying them.



A mixture of the Early Years guidance, Development Matters, and the National Curriculum are used to inform planning, depending on where the children are in their development. All children exceeding or at expected levels will begin to be planned for using the national curriculum. Those children who are entering Year 1 working at an emerging level will be planned for using the development matters document in conjunction with the National Curriculum and, where appropriate p-scales are also considered.



Handover meetings during which each Y1 teacher meets with the reception teacher to discuss EYFS data take place. Children are discussed in detail with individual needs covered and targets agreed for children to continue working on in the Autumn term.

Assessment information is stored on our academy wide tracker as well as in individual teacher files.



Planning is based upon children’s’ needs and interests wherever possible and assessment information from the previous class. Reception and Year 1 teachers share professional knowledge and Reception teachers take time to explain the EYFS assessments that are in place. We aim to ensure that Year 1 teachers broaden their understanding of the EYFS and attend appropriate courses where these are available.


Working Together

Staff from both EYFS and Year 1 discuss the autumn term planning strategies and where applicable tailor it to the needs/interests of the cohort. Staff will use the early learning goals objectives when appropriate.

Reception plans are adapted to enable guided group work and challenges and to enable the children to take more responsibility for their learning. Year 1 plans ensure that the children gradually become more independent through high expectations of individual and group work. Activities are interactive, with a mixture of adult led and child initiated. The plans follow the EYFS curriculum, with challenges for the children who are ready.



Year 1 teachers organise their classrooms to provide quality teacher directed activities in addition to planning for quality continuous provision. Resources are used to maximise learning opportunities and used to promote creativity, awe and wonder and to maximise the use learning spaces to reflect reception provision.



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