St Bede’s school recovery curriculum 2020-21

As a Catholic Primary Academy, our faith lies at the centre of everything we do.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced, based on the National Curriculum 2014 and ‘Come and See’ RE scheme, and is underpinned by our Vision, Mission and Core Values:

“In St Bede’s we welcome everyone, grow and learn together as God’s family, and use our gifts to serve with love.”

Our Vision Statement

We are guided by our Mission Statement and we aim to:

  • develop and care for the whole child through our teaching and sharing of the Catholic
  • show our love of God in the way we care and value each other and
  • aspire and equip children with those skills necessary to become contributing members of society and responsible
  • recognise and encourage all pupils’ individual gifts and
  • provide an excellent quality of education striving to achieve the very highest standards for all pupils and, at the same time, develop lively critical
  • develop each pupil’s appreciation of education as a lifelong and enjoyable process.
  • work in partnership with the Parish and families, local schools and community groups recognising that only by working together can the school make its contribution towards the development of committed Christians and active members of the

                                   Our Core Values

WELCOME – Welcome everyone into our school family through our kind words and caring actions.

LOVE – Let the love of God shine in everything we do.

INSPIRE – Inspire each other to achieve our very best.

 RESPECT – Respect each unique member of our family.

 PATIENCE – Show patience and tolerance towards each other.

 COMMUNITY – Work together to serve our community with love.

We plan opportunities throughout the school to enhance children’s learning experiences and to help them develop into confident and responsible young people.

PSHE is mainly taught through the ‘Statements to Live By’ diocesan programme and Jigsaw.

‘A Curriculum that matters; taking risks to challenge

and goes beyond what is assessed!’

Intention: the provision of a unique, extensive and ambitious curriculum that goes beyond the statutory requirements and allows all pupils to develop a lifelong love of learning. This curriculum enables pupils to take ownership of their learning and to become independent thinkers developing skills, knowledge and understanding to equip them for the future.


Implementation:  Comprehensive subject planning ensures the provision is broad and balanced; Personalised teaching and learning challenges and engages pupils and the effective use of assessment ensures accelerated progress with an emphasis on sequential steps of learning.


Impact: academic progress and personal development is to be treated equally and pupils to make excellent progress from their starting point; retain and articulate knowledge and understanding to a wider audience; statutory outcomes will be significantly above average each year; continue very strong school to school support- sharing curriculum content nationally. 

So…our curriculum

is rich in developing knowledge, understanding and skills; broad and balanced aiming to develop the whole child and encourage independent thinkers, ensuring impact and progress for each child no matter the ability.

We want future mathematicians, artists, writers, historians, etc. We want the pupils to develop into responsible, resilient caring and articulate citizens…who remember their learning in years to come.